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The little digital images are everywhere, from smartphone operating systems to social media and apps. We’re obsessed, sending an emoji of a dancer next to a smiley face next to crying cat. How did these tiny images take hold of our lives?

“Emoji are a great way to add personality to a text-based conversation,” says Jeremy Burge, the founder of website Emojipedia. Like the name suggests, it’s an encyclopedia for all things emoji, cataloging each creative symbol.

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For the quick text generation, sometimes seeing an emoji on a tee shirt is easier than typing up a response. Everything needs to be conveyed immediately, and nothing is smaller or more expressive than an emoji.

However, the psychology behind emoji obsession runs a little deeper. Research shows that people reacted to emoticons the same way they would react to a real human face 😲

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The use of emoji has also been scientifically proven to help boost communication. In 1996, researchers at New Mexico State University conducted an experiment in which they gave two groups of 12 people a task to solve together. The groups had to communicate via computers; one had the option to use emojis, the other did not.

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The study found that 10 out of the 12 subjects chose to use the emoji when offered, and, overall, the entire group enjoyed the process more than the non-emoticon team.

Emojis are those small icons—smiley faces, winking eyes, hearts of all shapes, sizes and colors—that we use in text messages, emails and social media. They are everywhere these days because they increase the precision and nuance of our often super-brief and open-to-misunderstanding communications. Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words.

Emojis are not labeled, so their meaning is up to those who use them. But because they often telegraph an easily identified thought or feeling, they are mostly understood in context. They help us to add tone and clarity to our communication.

Emojis can be used in an infinite number of ways, but in my experience, these are some of the most common:

To lighten the mood by introducing sarcasm or humor
To soften a blow
To find a more comfortable way to express ourselves
To communicate when words fail us
Lightening the Mood



A More Comfortable Way to Express Ourselves

There are things we might say verbally, either in person or on the phone, that we are not as comfortable putting into writing. Emojis can help. I have a close friend who is warm and loving, though this doesn’t come across in her emails or text messages. But whenever I see her in person, she greets me with a hug and kiss on the cheek. She recently began using a heart or “kissy face” emoji in her emails or texts. I read “I love you” or “kiss kiss” in the image without her having to put it into words. The emojis helped her communicate her affection without it seeming too serious or intense.

When Words Fail Us

He said that he also had a hard time articulating his feelings when his friend texted asking how his date went. I asked him what he told his friend and he said he sent an emoji. “You know—the guy with the black hat pulled down to his eyes? That’s how I feel about it!”

I knew the emoji he was referring to. I could picture the image, which gave me a sense of what he was feeling. The image implied that talking about the experience felt embarrassing and made him want to hide. But he was also peeking out and wanting to share some excitement. The emoji was a starting point for our further exploration of his feelings.

Emojis scaffold our electronic communications. Yes, they are cute and fun and kind of addictive, but they also improve our capacity to be make our intended meaning known.

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