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New Emoji News

Unicode 11.0 arrives on June 5, 2018. This signals the date which companies can begin supporting the new emojis.

The final emoji list for 2018 was announced back in February, and the underlying release required to make this possible is now here.

Each vendor like Apple, Google, Microsoft or Samsung tends to have their own schedule for making new emojis available. The majority of vendors are likely to support new emojis by the end of 2018.

New emojis added in Unicode 11.0 include a softball, kangaroo, llama, partying face, parrot, lobster, and more.

Additionally, four emoji components have also been added in Unicode 11.0. These are for use in sequences (such as a woman with curly hair or a man with red hair) but not expected to be shown as their own characters on emoji keyboards:

What do the new emojis look like?
As with all emoji sets, designs vary by vendor. It’s expected major vendors will be implementing their own version of these emojis in the coming weeks and months.[3]

Emojipedia creates sample images in an Apple-like style to show how we think they might look, and this is our full set of mockups for 2018

How do I get the new emojis?
Platforms like Facebook and Twitter can update emoji designs on the web at any time. Recently Twitter also rolled out a feature for Twemoji to work in the Android app, too.

For companies like Apple, Google, and Microsoft, emoji updates are tied to major OS updates. Once released (likely later in 2018) new emoji support automatically arrives with the OS update. This is likely later in 2018.

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