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Emoji Shirt | Blushed Face 😊

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Emoji Shirt | Blushed Face 😊

You can’t believe the words that have just come out of your mouth. You certainly didn’t mean to insult the woman in line ahead of you, but it’s too late now. What business is it of yours how many chicken nuggets she orders? Yeah, you need this blushed face emoji shirt right about now!

She’s staring at you angrily. You feel a sudden jolt as your heart rate increases. You have a coppery taste in your mouth, and your cheeks begin to feel warm. You, my friend, are embarrassed, and you’re blushing because of it.

This can be YOUR Blushed Face Emoji Shirt
Emoji Shirts | Buy Your Blushed Face Emoji Shirt Today

If you examine the phenomenon of blushing objectively, it appears a bit strange. What possible purpose could there be for more blood to flow through your cheeks when you feel embarrassed?

Blushing has been determined to be universal among, as well as exclusive to, humans. Why would we develop a specific process that physically displays our embarrassment? Where did blushing come from? These are the questions that researchers are trying to answer.

…..but you don’t care do you?!?!

Emoji Shirt with Blushed Face
This Emoji Shirt with Blushed Face is Gonna Look GREAT on YOU!

You’re here because you actually WANT an Emoji Shirt with a Blushed Face on it, right? Of course!

Perhaps you’d like to wear this shirt on your next date and see if that special someone gets the hint.  Maybe you’d like to look awesome in this Blushed Face Emoji Shirt if you need to apologize? (it wouldn’t hurt to try!) Or maybe you just love the way other people look at you while wearing you’re wearing a tee shirt with a huge, big, bold smile and big red cheeks.

For any occasion, grab your Blushed Face Emoji Shirt Now 😊

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1 review for Blushed Face Emoji Shirt 😊

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Maddison (verified owner)

    We ordered 5 shirts. All got here in time. All of the girls loved their shirts. Good packaging. Great fit. They are using them in a skit at church and we’ve washed them 4 times in the last 2 weeks and we’re not seeing any fading at all. As a mom, that’s awesome to see!
    The poo emoji shirt, the 100 emoji shirt, the tongue sticking out shirt, and the money bag shirt, all got surpassed my expectations so much that I really appreciate it enough to leave all these reviews (pardon me if I copy and paste it on each product for y’all) but I really do appreciate the high standards. Especially since these girls are using their emoji shirts for a bigger message 😉

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